The organic extra virgin olive oil

olio-extravergine-bio Agriturismo Apparita olio-extravergine-bio Agriturismo ApparitaIt’s hard to imagine the Tuscan landscape, even for a second, without olives.


The olive is the undebated champion of this region and olive oil itself is our farm’s most precious product.

We cultivate about five hectares of olive groves, some 1,500 trees, using organic methods. The variety includes the main types of olives grown in Tuscany, such as Leccino, Frantoiano, Moraiolo and Pendolino. We obtain an extra virgin olive oil with a balanced taste, an intense green colour and a fruity aroma, with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste. These are the characteristics of newly-extracted oil, which are synonymous with quality.

We harvest the olives early, starting from mid-October when they start to turn purple. Initially, they are put in ventilated boxes that allow air to circulate. No more than two days later, we take them to the mill for pressing, using a temperature control system to maintain the full quality. The oil is bottled following a short period of decantation.

Every year we get to experience the exciting feeling of trying bruschetta with the “new” oil. Each time the flavour is different, giving off scents and aromas that make all the hard work seem worthwhile.

Unfortunately 2014 was a bad year. The weather conditions and a subsequent outbreak of the olive moth parasite completely ruined the harvest. Oil is a product of excellence and it’s not called “green gold” for nothing.

Raccolta Olive - Agriturismo Apparita
Raccolta Olive - Agriturismo Apparita
Olio Extravergine - Apparita