Agriculture and Philosophy

The farmer is a guardian of the environment who develops a rapport with the land over the years, working it sparingly and carefully, respecting its rhythms.

Having always been in love with the splendid region of Tuscany and its wealth of nature, art, culture and traditions, we left Milan in 1975 and chose to live in the countryside, dedicating ourselves to farming. In this way it become our job, our life, and our passion.

For six years we lived on a small farm in Rivalto di Chianni.


In 1981 we bought “L’Apparita”, a farm of 60 hectares, including woodland and arable land for cereal cultivation. We tried out different things, we had a few cows, and we started breeding calves and sheep.

At the end of the 80s we began planting olives and now we have 1,500 trees covering five hectares of land. These include the main olive varieties grown in Tuscany such as Leccino, Frantoiano, Moraiolo, and Pendolino. You can create an extra virgin olive oil from each of these with a balanced taste, an intense green colour and a fruity aroma.

The farm, which from the start has cultivated plants using natural methods, became certified as an organic farm by the“Suolo e Salute” accreditation body in 1993. In the hilly fields around us we grow wheat in rotation with clover and broad beans.

Our farm holiday business opened in 1999 after we renovated the old stalls of the farmhouse where we live. We created four rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, terrace and an independent entrance from the garden. I

n 2002, we added a swimming pool with a salt water treatment facility which does not use chlorination. In 2008, we built a 12 KW solar power plant.

In 2010, we renovated the “barn”, creating another two rooms. The roof of the barn is ventilated and other features include solar panels for heating water, water collection from the roof for flushing the toilets, a condensing boiler and thermostatic valves on the radiators.

We use low energy lamps and water flow restrictors, we sort our waste and for cleaning we use almost exclusively eco-friendly products. We use 100 percent cotton sheets and covers.


The farmhouse holiday is an experience that stimulates all the senses:

  • Sight, taking in all the colours and nature that the surrounding landscape offers you.

  • Touch, stroking the animals and the sense of joy that brings.

  • Smell, enjoying the intense aroma of natural essences and the inviting smells of the kitchen.

  • Taste, rediscovering forgotten flavours.

  • Hearing, listening to the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves… and silence.

We like to think that when they go home, our guests can say that they enjoyed these experiences and took some beautiful memories away with them.

Agriturismo Apparita
Agriturismo Apparita
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