Villages and Castles

borgo-medievale-san-dalmazioSan Dalmazio 700 mt

In Medioeval times it was a castle of the Monastery of nuns in S.Dalmazio. It is roundly closed by the ancient walls, and it’s situated on the side of a hill between the rivers Pavone and Possera. Outside the walls you find the Romanesque church and the Monastery where a tabernacle ascribed to Luca della Robbia school is kept.In the picture on this side a view of S.Dalmazio as it appears from Agriturismo Apparita.

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Pieve di San Giovanni Battista 500 m

The country Church of St.John the Baptist, of XII century, still keeps a part of the original front in Romanesque-Norman style.


La Rocca Sillana 2 km

The Rocca Sillana (XII century) 2 km far, situated in a special position overlooking the whole valley, is one of the most important examples of Medicean fortress, with a renaissance-military style, erected to protect silver and copper mines in this land.

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Montecastelli Pisano 4 km

Medioeval town placed in a strategic position with a view on the whole valleys of Cecina and Pavone rivers. In the centre we find the Pannocchieschi Tower and the Romanesque church of SS.Filippo and Jacopo. Not far from the town you can find an Etruscan tomb called "Buca delle Fate" (VI century B.C.).

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Castelnuovo Val di Cecina

Castelnuovo Val di Cecina 12 km

This town lays on the slope of a hill covered by chestnut-trees, in front of Pavone Valley. It’s one of the historical centres of Cecina Valley that keeps the Medioeval urban architecture “a grappolo”.

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Montegemoli 13 km

Nice citadel on a hill between the rivers Trossa and Cecina. A castle rises on the top of the hill, with his original walls, the central core and one of his corner towers. In the little square we can find the Romanesque church of S.Bartolomeo. This town produces the renowed “Montegemoli bread” that we serve for breakfast.

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Sasso Pisano

Sasso Pisano 16 km

Sasso Pisano is situated on the river Cornia spring, and it’s clear for the presence of mofettes, fumaroles e geysers. The castle of Sasso Pisano is situated on the East side, in the upper part of the town.

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La Leccia

La Leccia 20 km

It’s a typical Medioeval town in the district of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, situated at the boundary of Cornia Valley. Leccia still keeps many “tower houses”.

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Ancient village raised on a gabbro rock that offers a wonderful landscape.




Gracious village, that still conserves the ruins of an old fortress steeped in the wood. In the surroundings it’s possible to visit the natural solfatara in the zone called “Le Chiuse di Soppresso”.